Change wiki text colors

I was looking at the wiki and asking myself why I like laying out stuff in the forum better than there and I think I know why, its the colors.

In the wiki the headlines have the red color of the links in the forum, I find this color makes them less strong and obvious and so the layout looks kind of "inverted": The text sticks out and the headlines disappear. Also, some of the headlines seem to use css of hyperlinks since they change their color when hovering (although they are no link).

So my proposal:

Either change headlines to black and link color to the red to stay "in touch" with the layout of the rest of the site/forum,

or make the text less strong like the "Show unread posts since last visit" in the upper left of this forum.

I might be wrong though and somebody already found out that the color combination is the one that works best with the rest of the site etc. then just forget what I said :slight_smile: