Changelog on updated files?

If there is, I haven’t seen it. Is there a rapid way to see what are the latest changes when there are updated plugins/modules?

I’m asking because often times I update things but there is no link or information on what has been updated. The only thing I can find is the XML file but that’s not easy to read. Maybe a link on the Help->Check of updates panel pointing to the last changelog?

I would love to see that.

you can see the last changes lists here in changes

You can see the last commits. We try to quickly comment our changes when committing, and by clicking on the revision number you can see the modified files and even make diff with previous version.

Ooooh! Nice! Merci nehon! :smiley:

I do think it would still be a great idea to have a link pointing to that page inside the update window though. Just for easy access’s sake.

If you’re using Eclipse, there’s also the option of using Team → Show History, I’m sure NetBeans has something similar.

I think he means the jMP updates.

Yeah, for jMP.