Changing external image editor

I was trying to edit a texture in the SDK by right-clicking the image and selecting “Open In External Editor”. This caused the image to be opened in Microsoft Paint which is not ideal. So I tried to figure out how to change it to gimp but was unable to find the setting. How do you change the default external image editor?

It should use the one that is associated with the file type in your OS, so the same that opens when you double-click a file.

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Well I just set the default program for .png to gimp. Now Double-clicking the file outside of the SDK is opening it with gimp but the SDK is still opening it with paint for some reason.

I’m guessing here since I don’t have the SDK installed at this computer and I don’t have windows :slight_smile:
Anyhoo, there are two actions that a Swing application can use to open an external editor, either “Open” or “Edit”. I guess that maybe the SDK uses “Edit” (which is the right one). However, on windows, the registry only registers the DDE “Open” for that double-clicking. So I guess that the Gimp is not registered for “Edit” in windows.
I don’t recall exactly where but there is some setting in windows where you can find those DDE actions and then you can change the “Edit” option of PNG-files to be the Gimp.

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Okay I got it working I had to change a registry. It runs gimp but It just starts gimp up and leaves it open with no file selected.

Edit Okay I have it working completely now I had to change the registry for all images to gimp and it starting working. The registry I changed was


Thank you very much for the assistance.

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