Changing font to a ListBox

Hi everybody.

I’m doing a small prototype of a 3d project for my company, and it should runs inside an android tablet.
Into a tablet you, obviously, use only tap and gesture.
Well: i need to display a listbox with some elements inside. On the tablet the font of the elements is too small for an easy tapping on the element, so i need to change the size of it…
I’ve tried to create a new font and use it inside a text element, and it works.
But if i try to use inside the control, nothing happens.

I’ve also tried to create a style and use the style attribute inside the control: the background colour of the listbox changes but not the font :frowning:

So… any idea?

[xml] <style id=“lista”>
<attributes font=“Interface/Fonts/Calibri.fnt” backgroundColor="#f00f" />