Changing screens (welcome, setup, game, score..)

hello! How I can implement different screens (scenes) in jme? I mean, the welcome screen, setup screen, game screen, score screen… what is the better way to acomplish it? thanks!

What you want is a game state system.

Fortunate for you, I’ve posted one on code review :slight_smile:

See it in action:

What you also need is for every state, you need an accompanying node and its button behaviour.

E.g. Welcome screen has a node called "Welcome Screen GUI". Then say you click on "start game" button. You send a message to the GameStateSystem that per is refering to to switch to another state. That state, when fired. Changes the rootNode children, attaches different behaviours, creates a different input…etc.

Im sure there is alot more detail than thats, but thats the basic idea.


hey, that is exactly what I was looking for… thanks! :smiley: