Changing the font size in NIfty?

Is it possible to change the font size of a TextBuilder? I’ve tried setting its height/width but that doesn’t change anything except for where following elements are placed. Do I have to recreate the font in a smaller size, or is there any internal way of rendering the font smaller?

Anyone at all?


No one else responded… so I’ll toss in a couple of pointers, that I have learned so far. Maybe it’ll be helpful.

So yeah, I’m playing with niftygui atm, (Great job, void! :smiley: ) and right now, it’s easiest to load multiple fonts at various sizes into your assets folder and pick the right ones for the screen size the player has chosen.

It would be possible to dynamically scale fonts considering the “atlas to reference” setup of the font files in jMonkeyEngine. I think it would involve a backbuffer that the dev makes the GUI for and then that is scaled for display on the current resolution. However, mouse clicks and touch screen input would have to be scaled backwards to make the solution possible for interaction. … and I’m not familiar enough with the design to be able to suggest how to do this, yet.

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