Character animation


i’m using a static model from 3ds max exported with ogremax to ogreXML.

Now i want to create some animations and play them from jme2.

I’ve read somewhere (…) that is possible to export an “skeleton” file from a biped animation.

Is it possible to export an animation created with individual bones (no biped)?

Thank you!


I think you can - with the same procedure if you’re using a biped. Not sure though. Why are you using jME2 btw?

I’m using jme2 because i’m working on a project that is already being used in a subject of my University.

I haven’t got enough time to create the project again with jme3…

Did you try exporting an animation with individual bones?

I can’t try it as i can’t use 3ds max until mid-january (university holidays…), but the person who is supposed to do the animations asked me if he could create them with individual bones.