Hi guys,
I’d like to share with you some ideas to improve my tecnical skill with your feedback. I like this game engine and it is difficult to find a good demos like FPS-Demo shared by @RiccardoBlb . So my take-away is share yours code, share yours ideas! It is the only way to grow up and have fun.

I have created a demo with third person shooter with mechanic for bow and arrow. It contains:

  • Physics (with bullet engine)
  • Animations (with gltf2 animations)
  • Third Person Camera with collision detection
  • Bow with two types of ammo and impact effect/sound
  • Dynamic update of camera FOV when aiming
  • Keyboard/Mouse and Joystick support
  • A reusable code and a game programming patterns very easy to understand

You can find the complete project, lib and file (sounds, blend file, …) here:


We share them at the software store. There’s a link in the header.

Yes I know the JMonkeyStore, it is a great instrument but unfortunately at the moment, there are few projects. I like your initiative @jayfella with simple-fps-template and the replay of @RiccardoBlb with FPS-Demo-Template, I want to follow your example. I’d like to know what you think about my template and how to improve or optimize it. My invite is open to all community: share your ideas with me. Leave your feedback. Thanks

You can add your project to the store then :+1:
I would clean the repo by removing the dll and other binary files that are extracted at runtime, if possible it would be probably useful to have it configured with gradle or maven to make it easily importable or buildable outside of netbeans.
From what i can see, the repo doesn’t have a license, meaning the code can’t be used by anyone, you should probably add one.
If you plan to publish it on the store you should probably add more images (or maybe a video?) to show it in action.

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what license you suggest to use ?

BSD 3 clause license, like the engine. Or MIT that is very similar.
Or Unlicense if you don’t care about credits and want to release it as public domain.

Those are my choices usually

done, I used Unlicense

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I configured project with gradle.
Here the new link:

Are there any functions that can be improved? what features would you like to add?
Write here your ideas and your code to expand the project and make it useful and interesting for all developers.