Character customization in JME3 . Need help


In the coming up next tutorial - an full blown RPG started from scratch to the finish and ready to play game. I’m going to add character customization and cut scene with dialogue and facial animation.
[video]- YouTube
Cool !!! but in fact I still have some problem which need directions from you guys.

  1. Blend shape - I saw that going to be added into the core soon. So exciting, that will help a tons, as soon as finish, I will make a patch to help import blend shape from blender too.
    One thing I still have to consider is: Can we make a type of Mesh that save a whole topology from Blender or other CAD and then become the base mesh for futher manipulate?

  2. Bone : I saw the current behavior of Bone, SkeletonControl are quite limited. I remember once @nehon explain that we don’t save the Length of the bone, but the trans/rot/scale just like a mat4… In fact, we can save more information in a Bone, and it will help tons when it come to a situation that someone want to manipulate the bone his self.
    setUserControl didn’t sastify me cause I force me to patch the whole animation system just because I want to scale a bone up and down (ex: bigger nose for a character), and sync that with the existed animation. You can say it’s just my very own problem but …

  3. Free form deformation: For the need of cloth customization, I made my self a quick FFD system, in fact, it works extactly like a set of bones still have lengths and envelops on them. But in the end, once again I have to hack into the Mesh class and other things, just because a lot of private and final methods… It’s kind of sad that it should not be that hard for the engine users to add more features to the engine if the user want to.

At the end, I just want what I want, that mean I just want things work if it’s really easy, silly me. So is there another way around to make those 2 simple things?

  1. Scale/Translate/Rotate a bonebut preseved the current animation. => If yes, go for Characer custumization and facial…
  2. The mesh class is the center of the system, we should provide a way for people to build in from scratch or preseved topology. May be another type of Mesh, like HalfEdge mesh. If the answer it’s No need for now just consider it once in the future (We are not just making game for the moment)!