Character model, how many poligons (faces)?

Hello i have character model
and video

1k vs 4k Faces

I have 100 characters in one place. the computer may start to slow down.
how to optimize the model? if the engine built-in capabilities?


Optimization in blender side
(in the moment i can remember of these) :
1-Reduce faces using Decimate modifier in blender.
2- Remove Double Vertices. [go to edit mode → select whole mesh → hit W → select remove doubles]

1- Use LOD generator to reduce vertices when looking model from far distance
2-Use instancing. (only for non animated models, i think)
3-Batch Geometries (again for non animated models) .

well… the problem is more the “100 characters” than the number of polygons…
Are they all visible at once?

1000 polygon can be very ugly if you have some close ups, 4000… is okish. Also you may want to look into the lod generator and the LodControl, it can help you to display less polygons according to the distance to the camera, and keeping your 4k tris models.

Is it possible ot use 2d imposters if the characters are further away?

Use a modified anim controll and only update every few frames for further away characters?(spread evenly to reduce bandwidth and upload costs)

5k-15k triangles for main chracter - closeups (FPS or TPP games)
about 8k for NPC in RPGs
about 1k-5k usually
It really depend on your game.

Thank’s i try