Character Model is flickering

With the latest update character model is flickering when change of animation takes place.

The model just disappears and reappears within a split second.

I second this report.

It doesn’t happen on all changes though (for me).

For example, it happens when changing from “Idle” to “Walk”, but not when changing back.

umm…if my observation don’t deceive me, it is happening on any kind of change, for me.

I can confirm that as well.

erf must be my fault

I’m gonna look into that


fixed in last SVN

It was an issue when applying scales on bones.

As a bonus you can now import bone animation with scales from ogre xml

Any feed back on this one?

I’d like to know if it’s ok to merge this to the stable version.

it is working fine. :smiley:


thanks :wink: