CharacterControl vs BetterCharacterControl

Hello, I got my Cam/Player code based at CharacterControl, but I now can’t use that? I got it crossed:
[java] player = new CharacterControl(capsuleShape, 0.05f);[/java]

How I can use it? I don’t won’t use BetterCharacterControl

you can still use it for now, but be warned it may be removed in the future

Well basically make sure after each update that it is still in, else you cannot update anymore once it gets removed.

But it will probably stick around for quite some while still.

And even if it is removed, you’ll still be able to take it from a previous version and add it in your project yourself. You’ll maybe have to change an import then, but it will remain a small modification of your code.

And yes, this controller will likely stay here for a long time, as no controller has shown good enough characteristics (the bettercharactercontrol is still very bugged, and some other solution i met wasn’t better - and sometime wasn’t even well designed.