Chase Camera problem

We are using a simple chase camera in our project right now (which is a jet flying around the screen). The code is shown below. The problem is that the camera rotates around the plane depending on the direction your are turning Grand Theft Auto style. We really need the camera to be fixed behind the plane. Can someone please help us with this. Special thanks go out to Core_Dump and basixs. You guys have been a big help with our project.

 // Simple chase camera
        input.removeFromAttachedHandlers( cameraInputHandler );
        cameraInputHandler = new ChaseCamera( cam, player.getPlane().getChild(0) );
        input.addToAttachedHandlers( cameraInputHandler );

You could make your own simple chase cam.

In my game the camera stays behind the player by a defined z and y distance.

When the plane changes direction the camera updates its direction with slerp().

Also you can zoom in and out with keys or mouse wheel.

Thanks again Core_Dump that is what we ended up doing. The project turned out very well, I am thinking about posting the code somewhere when we get it all cleaned up. It is a fairly good example of keyListeners, Particles, and physics. As well as object loading and well I think it just looks pretty cool. I will keep you guys all updated if you want. Thanks again.