Chase Camera setStayBehindTarget

What does this method actually do?

i implemented chaser.setStayBehindTarget(false);

into lesson 5 of the flag rush tutorial hoping it would let me zoom around with the third person camera

able to stay beside or infront of the player without it springing back behind the player, but it does nothing.

Can someone explain what this does or another way to make the camera stop spinning back behind the player when i start moving?

Umm, that's the way the chase camera works (to stay behind target when target is moving)…

I had to extend (and override) some things to get the ChaseCamera to behave the way I wanted it to.

ok so thats the way the class is supposed to work. But what is the point in this method then,


setting it to false or true has the same effect.

Try setting maintainAzimuth( true ) and see if that helps…