Chase camera


I’ve implemented a chase camera like explained into the documentation, ie :

[java] ChaseCamera chaseCam = new ChaseCamera(application.getCamera(), jonas.getJonas(), application.getInputManager());





// chaseCam.isSmoothMotion();


What I’d like to have is a chasing camera that don’t rotate with the target so I disabled the trailing. But I’d still like that the “smooth effect” applies to translations.

I don’t know if I’m clear but for instance, when the trailing is enabled, the camera rotations are smooth. What I want is the same thing but with the camera translations ; to give an inertia effect to the camera.

How could I do that ?

I’m really stuck on this one. Does anybody have an idea ?

you can try to enable the trailing but set its sensitivity to 0


Hmmm, it does seem to work with the “zoom” effect (when the target get closer or further) but not with translations. I don’t think it’s even implemented actually.

Well, that’s the closest result that you’ll get from the chase cam.

The chase cam cannot support every single feature regarding following a target.

Really it’s an example implementation of what a camera controller could be in a game, if you have specific needs i recommend implementing your own camera controller (starting from the ChaseCam or not).

Ok. Thx for the help anyway.