Checkbox and Node with CursorListener

There is a panel with a CheckBox - clicking works.

But if there is a Spatial in the background with a CursorListener - (un-)checking the CheckBox is not possible anymore.

Any ideas how to overcome this issue?
Give the CB a higher priority? Add another Listener to the CB?

That’s weird. If the checkbox can be checked then it should be able to be unchecked as the mouse handling is no different in either case, as I recall.

Can you provide a simple test case?

Here is an example

CB is defined at line 80:

The CursorListener is set in this file at line 74:

Additionally two screenshots:

Here, the cb is working:

And here it doesn’t but mouselitener on the sphere is triggered

I downloaded these two files to test but they are missing things and won’t compile. If you can fix it then I will try again sometime.

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