Cinematic cameras

Hello, I want to know how the Cinematic use cameras. I know that I should bind a camera to a name and add it to the Cinematic, but in the initialize method that is overridden from AppState in the Cinematic class there is the following code:

public void initialize(AppStateManager stateManager, Application app) {
        initEvent(app, this);
        for (CinematicEvent cinematicEvent : cinematicEvents) {
            cinematicEvent.initEvent(app, this);
            for(CameraNode n : cameras.values()){
        initialized = true;

I know that I should bind a camera object to a name using the method bindCamera(String cameraName, Camera cam) this means that I should present a valid Camera object. Unexpectedly, the initialize method will put the app camera for each previous bound cameras. This means that any camera bound before the execution of the initialize method will be replaced and the passed value in the bind method doesn’t have any mean. Every camera bound after initialization will not be changed and the camera object that is passed to the bind method really has a mean. Is this what expected from the Cinematic class or there is something wrong? Can I pass a null value instead of the camera object to the bind method if the camera object value isn’t important?