Cinematic Editor: Devblog#1


This is the first devblog for the GSoC project : Cinematic Editor.For those joining us now, I am Mayank and I’ll be coding an out of the box cinematic editor for jME this summer. @nehon is mentoring this project.

Let me begin by highlighting what’s been done so far.

We are using the agile development model for the project, which indeed is a great idea by @nehon.

I stumbled upon VersionOne, which is an online agile project management tool and offers some great features for maintaining backlog, sprint planning, sprint tracking and release planning. So the project will move forward in a systematic and planned manner!

The essence of agile lies in User Stories. I have been maintaining them on V1 and giving them a priority rating to ensure important features get delivered first.

They are also available in this <a href=””>spreadsheet. I would really like to know what other features the community would like to see in the editor. If you have something cool in mind then do share here or fill out this form.

I have been studying the existing cinematic API to get a good idea of what we already have. I have dug up quite a lot about the SceneComposer too, mainly as I am interested to replicate the SceneViewer in the CinematicEditor which would add to its wysiwyg parameter.

Based on these,I built a very basic prototype of the editor showing how spatial animations can be built using it. You can watch it in action here and see the code. @nehon pointed out some crucial changes that can be made in this.

Let’s move on to what I’ll be doing in the upcoming 2 weeks.

I won’t be coding till 31st due to final exams in my college. But I’d be updating the backlog and plan a sprint with @nehon so that coding starts on 31st itself! The first sprint would focus on providing a GUI to the existing API. You can watch the code here. The repo is initialized with a Netbeans Module currently and I’ll be adding more code from 31st onwards.

In the meantime, we could think of a cool alias that can be uses for the project as the name Cinematic Editor sounds too simple and plain .Here are my suggestions: monkey-scene, monkey-act, motion-monkey, monkey-theater, monkey-sketch. What say?


Monkey see, Monkey do. :d

I thought you were kidding :stuck_out_tongue: