Cinematic Editor: Devlog#4

I have integrated the JavaFX based UI into the SDK. Initially there were bugs caused due to resizing of the JFXPanel or the window but everything works fine now. The size of the editor is fixed at 880x220 px (220px for the LayerContainerControl and 660px for the TimelineControl). Making it auto-resize actually freezes the timeline javafx component and hence I had to fix the size.
The rest of the time consisted more of theory session where I’d make test modules to get used to Netbeans Platform and also plan how some features can be implemented. I will start coding the DataObject and Nodes today after I grab my laptop from my dad’s office (was locked up there over the weekend).
Initially my plan was to serialize the tree-like data structure mentioned in the previous devlog and write my own loader which would have required less of Netbeans Platform and is not a standard way to do things. So, as @nehon pointed, I will create a new FileType with the .j3c extension and customize the DataObject. The code will be in this repo from now on, until I move back to modify the UI again.