Cinematic Editor : Prototype (of the prototype)

Hi !
I’m just testing some features of the existing cinematic API in this youtube video. I’m using swing gui form instead of the module development windows/actions available in the Netbeans Platform. Also note that this is not a plugin. I have modified existing modules(Scene Composer) to reduce the coding, as this is a test. The code can be found here : GitHub - maany/jmonkeyengine at cinematic_editor_tests . This video demonstrates usage of a GUI based timeline tool that generates the AnimationFactory object for a spatial based on the keyframes specified in the timeline and adds an AnimControl to the spatial. It then builds the animation for preview in the SceneViewer when played.
The final timeline would obviously handle several other types of events like guiEvent, character animation channels, audio, transitions etc etc…

The screen capture is poor in this one. Sorry about that. I will take care of it in future vids.

[video]jMonkeyEngine Cinematic Editor(prototype of the prototype) - YouTube