Class replacement (Mouse and Text)

Gregg, I was thinking that the widget stuff should probably replace com.jme.scene.Text and com.jme.inpu.AbsoluteMouse. Do you agree?

That sounds good to me.

I’m working on TestWidgetButtonSwitch. I started with TestBezierCurve then added the gui stuff to it.

Sounds easy but I had to figure out a way to turn the mouse cursor on and off so I can click on the button. I went with a right button click to show and hide the cursor. Clicking on the button stops and starts the movement of the box along the curve. When the cursor is visible the mouse movement stops changing the InputController but the keyboard still works.

In the process of doing this I integrated WidgetMouseState with MouseInput and started using a an InputController in the GUI. I’ll give you a more detailed explanation before I check it in so you can tell me what you think about the changes.

I have it working but I uncovered some widget layout problems in the process. I hope to have those resolved today.