ClasspathLocator issue


I have updated with Jul 28

and I am facing the following issue

[java]com.jme3.asset.AssetNotFoundException: Asset name doesn’t match requirements.

“C:/Cleide/spacelife2/spacelife2-assets/bin/Textures/Terrain/Splat/NatureForests0009_2_S.jpg” doesn’t match “TexturesTerrainSplatNatureForests0009_2_S.jpg”

at com.jme3.asset.plugins.ClasspathLocator.locate([/java]

code that is in fault is:

[java]if (url.getProtocol().equals(“file”)){

try {

String path = new File(url.toURI()).getCanonicalPath();

// convert to / for windows

if (File.separatorChar == ‘’){

path = path.replace(’’, ‘/’);


// compare path

if (!path.endsWith(name)){

throw new AssetNotFoundException(“Asset name doesn’t match requirements.n”+

“”" + path + “” doesn’t match “” + name + “”");


we can see it converts only one part of what it compares ie path

name is not converted therefore it cause issue matching even if it should not reject the asset

I think that convert to / for windows should be applied to both side

nevermind. I changed my saved asset parameter to use / and all is fine now.