Cleaning Permissions and Teams on Github

I am removing inactive members from the teams and resetting permissions on our github org.

If you are a member or you have writing permissions to one of the repos, you might get a new invitation to one or more teams.

I will also look into adding people that are defacto already contributing as a team member into the appropriate teams. If you are one of those people and i ddn’t contact you, feel free to contact me and ask to be added to your team.


I received a brief e-mail saying I’d been removed from the Contributors team on the jMonkeyEngine organization. (As you can imagine, this made my day :wink: )

According to my GitHub profile, I’m currently an Owner and a member of the Core team, but not a member of the Contributors team. Is there some reason I shouldn’t belong to both teams?

I thought it was redoundant for members in the Core to be part of Contributors, since Core members are owners and have all the permissions by default.
If you think otherwise i can add everyone to the Contributor team aswell.
IIRC not every Core was a Contributor already before my change.

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I thought that might be the rationale. Thanks for the explanation.

As long as we’re using teams solely to manage permissions, I’m fine with the new arrangement. However, if at some point we start using teams for communication, it might make more sense for Core to be a proper subset of Contributors.


Yeah you are right. Cores should be pinged when the contributor team is mentioned, I will add all the core members to the contributors team.


Any progress on this? I think it’s terribly misleading to show 35 team members when only a handful are still active.

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