clj3D, clojure 3d library and JME3

Hi to everyone,

in my free time I’m developing a Clojure(a lisp dialect) 3d library, based on JME3:

I’m using JME3 for the visualization part. Whick kind of license must I use in order to use JME in my project and don’t violate any laws?

Actually I’m using the MIT License, but I’ve seen that JME uses BSD.



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As far as I understand BSD allows you any kind of use, without being forced to anything except a copyright notice.

When you just publish jme binary code you technically dont even need to supply any license info about jme, however java is always a bit borderline-ish because of the bytecode… BSD allows you to redistribute when you add the license info for jme3. A library for 3d stuff is arguably a redistribution of jme3 functionality so I’d say you should include the license in any case.



Ok guys,

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:




When trying to choose a real-good scripting language for java game , a thought of mine is about “clojure”. Its LISP features can defeat every Lua - thing imo (easy clear syntax , flexibility ,powerful …) :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see someone had reached the solution of combine “3D with Clojure” … It’s very interested to see how far this combination grow in future…

Goodluck !

Thanks a lot atomix!

It you haven’t done yet, watch out the first screencast about clj3D’s features:

All this awesomeness has been possible only with JMonkey :stuck_out_tongue:



@alfredo : It’s really cool indeed!

I tell you that I’m researching a “entity system” at the moment which can provide a various different objects world (good for RPG and MMO )

The data part can be implement in XML (as everything can be) but what I need is a language with a very clear, easy syntax to prototype and much more powerful (for lip sync , AI …so on) and don’t need a interpreter (XML solution need extra interpreter) …

Take a look at this :stuck_out_tongue: may be you will find it interesting …

Thanks for the link, I’ll take a look :slight_smile: