Cloaking effect

Hey all, I was just playing with some of the jME tests and while looking at TestMotionBlur I noticed that when you kick up the blur effect (by pressing 3) about 3-4 clicks it almost starts to look like a "cloaking" effect when the torus moves - that is, you can still see the general shape of the object but it almost looks transparent - like the alien in Predator.

It looks as though the background is refracting through the shape.  I don't know if this is just a "trick" or coincidence of how this test is made but I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to get an effect like this and if this would be something to pursue, or is there an easier way - such as applying a reflection/refraction map and just making whatever the object is mostly transparent?  It seems to me that by using the motion blur code you could make a nice little effect out of it that is more dynamic (motion affected) and more controllable.  The one problem is, you lose your "cloak" when you stop moving  :smiley:

Anyone ever tried this?

interesting…I might play around with that. :slight_smile:

I just did a quick test and switched the textures on the torus and indeed it still retains that "transparency" so it's not just a coincidence of two textures that look similar being blended just happening to look like transparency.

Not really gonna have much more time to play with it today but it might be a cool effect.

Hmm, well I wouldn't compare it to the cloak on Predator.  It does indeed take on the look of the environment, but not exactly.  If theres a box behind the torus you don't see it, so I would put this as more of an active 'environmental' camouflage.

Ugh, I just tried the motion blur test and it looks HORRIBLE on my computer.

I've got an nVidia 6600 GT video card on Windows XP with the latest drivers and it was flickering a lot and if I paused it I could get the blurring effect to look alright, but when I put motion back on it was just massive flickering.

Me too on my GeForce FX 5900 XT.

It runs at like 5fps or slower on my computer  :frowning:

Can't remember the graphic card model off the top of my head.

Maybe this is an nVidia specific bug?  Anyone else who has run it without issue - are you running ATI or nVidia?  I have ATI and it runs quite well.

Mines certainly an nVidia, the something 5500 (or maybe 5400) something or something  :stuck_out_tongue:

We need a "Mr. Coder" spotlight to shine into the sky in situations like this.  XD

you need to say that louder :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick, someone take a copy of his avatar, place it into the projected texture test, then post a screenie!