CloneImportExport consumes too much memory?

In advance, thanks all the guys here to share bunch of valuable information.

As fas as I know, Nodes can't share BoneAnimation if they are in different frame at the same time. (right?)

So I try to use CloneImportExport to clone BoneAnimation.

My model has about 70 BoneAnimations and each BoneAnimation has about 60 frames.

When I share 'boneTransforms' by extending class 'BoneAnimation', it works well.

But If I use CloneImportExport, it consumes too much memory and throws OutOfMemoryError.

I know CloneImportExport maintains references only (by creating CloneCapsule).

But when calling saveClone(), even array members (Vector and Quaternion) in BoneInfluence/BoneTransform created CloneCapsule.

I guess it consumes memory.

I think member variables of ignoreField / shallowCopyField should not be referenced.

Is there any other method to clone data with low memory overhead?