Closed replies?

Working on a project with someone, last reply was marked closed saying hit limit of 500 replys.

Now what?

Seems like an arbitrary thing to shutdown pm like that.

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Weird. Fixed. Sorry about that. Intriguing limit. I’ve never seen such a thing before.

Lol :smiley: Well that is a protection of overworking yourself :smiley:
But we can continue with a new PM otherwise, maybe not even bad, prevents huge message logs where you loose track of what has been said.

Guess no other option since its locked.

I have all the permissions a man can have and I can’t read messages or even see any stats or data on them, so I can’t open it again :confused:

No problem, the next message will last at least 500 replies again :smiley: I just wonder if that same limit was also happening for threads?

It appears yes. The limit is 10000 replies in a topic. Which has never been exceeded, so I’ll leave that alone for now I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do we get a badge for it? First to go where no man has gone before badge or something?