Code Blocks unreadable on mobile Version

Hey @erlend_sh,

I can remember that it was in discussion that the Code Blocks still used the white-themed-css for Code Blocks.

Did you try to change that? Because over here Code is nearly unreadable as it is Black Text on Grey ground.

Thanks for taking your time :slight_smile:

Edit: Some random block to see it.
public static void Main() {

Edit2: four space Intention doesn’t seem to work on mobile aswell, and the accents aren’t on my Keyboard as I don’t speak french.


Public too() 
    // I don't even have curly braces...

Typing code on a phone sucks… Heheh

…it does… but you have to have more than one line. And yeah, no back ticks, or curly braces, or anything useful on a phone keyboard. (at least for me)

Afaik the changes keep getting reverted every time discourse gets updated. I only have access to an iPhone (my iPad Air, iPad 2, galaxy tab don’t have this problem) so I can’t get the css that needs to be changed. If someone can give me the css selectors I’ll fix it.