Code Standards?

I created a Code Template, Formatter, and Organize Imports settings for my JGN project (for Eclipse) and was wondering if these would be beneficial to the jME project for some standardization that we can rely on and just do a CTRL+SHIFT+F before checking our code in and then all our code is standardized.  Any thoughts on this?

I know for those backsliders like Irrisor that use IDEA this wouldn't be beneficial, but we could get something like this and keep the export XML settings stored in CVS under like a IDE specific directory?

We actually have done that already.  :)  (where did we stick it though?)

Whoa…found it (great minds and all that)! :wink:

However, it is WAY out-dated:

Copyright (c) 2003, jMonkeyEngine - Mojo Monkey Coding

It's in data/jME_codetemplates.xml

cool…  go ahead and get it updated.  :slight_smile:

Shall I change my nickname to "jME Whipping Boy" as Mojo first suggested? :wink:

You brought it up… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is true…