Codingame website

Hi there,
I’ve found a site where you code in a gaming context, and you write AI competitively against others.

Beware! Visiting the link above will likely improve your ability to write AI for your games, and improve your programming skill overall, but at the same time will sink a lot of productivity hours… :stuck_out_tongue:


+1000 My favorite game since 6 months (and the cause of some my decrease activity on jme3)

If you prefer to give me few points, than to @Pesegato:

@Pesegato, nice result for your first contest.

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Yeah, on the puyopuyo, I spent a couple minutes and didn’t end well… on the codebusters I actually made more effort :slight_smile:

there are also a game called leekwars
very similar

IMHO, leekwars is not similar. Leewars, like robotcode, is one game with one language.

codingame is a set of puzzles (solo), mutli-player/challenges, periodic contest, clash of code (race of coding)… Where you can use the language like (except for some puzzle). It’s also a good place to see advantages and disadvantages of languages vs others for some context.
I used the site to learn Rust, and it was more funny than with puzzle from project euler or C-99.
On puzzle you can also compare your solution to others and learn a lot.

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Also you can share replays


Haha, there goes my evening. This should be an e-sport