Greetings! Anyone want to collaborate on a simple game? I’m new to jME3, however I’m picking it up quickly, plus I’m not new to programming. I’m thinking something simple, barebones, elementary, however you want to put it… I want to complete something start to finish.


Msg me. :slight_smile:

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good luck, but i don’t think this has ever worked (been tried a few times)

Well… pft. Doesn’t anyone want to have fun around here? Does anyone even really use this framework? It doesn’t really seem to get that much involvement.


The problem is : each member has his own vision of the game he wants to create…his ideas … his skills… so we all work individually on our personal project. When you are paid, you accept to work for another’s ideas, but when you only work for pleasure, you will always prefer yours ^ ^.

You will find as many members as completely different projects here.

Find a project that satisfy majority and where everyone can participate according to their skills is a difficult task …Good luck.

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There are lots of people here, however most are already working on projects of their own.

There was some discussion a few weeks ago from some other people looking for collaborators, try searching to see if you can find that and see if they got anywhere.

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Thanks, guys. :wink:

Hey, I remember talk of adding this Section! I think a workable way to do this would be for people to dump in assets and give a general idea of what they’d like them to be used for, not complaining if the programmer has other thoughts. You could do wonders if someone made a dozen map tiles and a handful of characters with one walk and one attack animation. I’d love to do just that, but unfortunately I haven’t even had time to get on the site for months :frowning:

What really sucks is that this feels like a nice little restaurant that no one visits, and you know it will be closed down even though the food is great. Give it a shot monkeys! This section has huge potential.

@udoobu said:Does anyone even really use this framework?

You’re talking to the guys who’re actively using it after all, so everybody will disagree (and even downvote).
It’s also showing that you haven’t looked into the forums and at the projects page, which shows plenty of real use. So you’re not only rude but also not willing to do your homework - which makes it unreasonable to even consider teaming up with you.


I apologize, and you are correct. I was being a little rude… I was just frustrated at the time. To further explain, I think I said that because of the lack of resources on the net for jme3. I have since realized that all you need is… not a bunch of other websites and resources. Again, I apologize. :slight_smile:

Since then, I have gained ultimate respect for jme. I have still worked with it almost daily, I love it, and I continue to build my games in it.



LOL okay, we all are sometimes a bit frustrated :slight_smile:
Getting into JME is quite a learning curve (as would be with any 3D framework, I guess), so don’t expect to have something up and running in a week.

I’d be happy to collaborate on something :slight_smile:

If you really want to make something simple, just to get you started, maybe I have a nice plan for you:

First, select something small,little,tiny like Space Invaders, Frogger, Pacman, Pong, Bomber Man, etc.
For example, I selected the old arcade game Wizard Of Wor.

Second, get it started with all standard ways that jME, the SDK and other tools can offer you.
For example, I actually want to make a remake, with sprites or 3d models - depending on player choice.
I will use the same model for all characters, and maybe some free models from blendswap.

Third phase, get the first version finished.
Many projects get started, only few projects get finished.
Show the world, that you’ve got the guts to do even boring stuff, until version 1.0 is stable.

Last phase - progressive refinement!
Add some new characters and items that are not part of the original, add nouveau gameplay mechanics.
Add a physics simulation for explosions, add the A* for the a.i. guys, add a fancy shader, add…
For example, I will allow the player to switch top down view and first person view during game.
I have designed new gameplay based on new items, observed my own ideas from all possible angles.

If you are satisfied with the state you’ve reached - move to your next project.
Think of crowd funding, invite old buddies from several channels to join your fleet.
I think, the whole open source movement can be regarded as ‘collaboration’ - world wide collaboration…

Does this sound like a good plan to success?

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I think it’s more realistic than a lot of the plans we see on here :slight_smile: