COLLADA, The Shining Star

I'll make a check-in early next week. Josh will get the sound stuff into a jmex package by then, and I'll have the new COLLADA plug-in stuff working. The plug-ins allow for custom extra tag handling, so we don't pollute the ColladaImporter with our custom extra tags.

That sounds awesome.

Next week will be like Christmas in February!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember… the exporter has to support Collada FX as well… which is nowhere near guaranteed. The 3DS exporter from Feeling Soft does not.

Don't suppose you know if the Feeling Software exporter for Maya does?  :?

Probably not…oh well…

Not off hand, however, Sony uses Maya and is paying Feeling Soft for the exporter, I'd hope they are getting what they pay for.

That's at least a positive in their favor.  The exporter in Maya does seem to work significantly better than the one for 3DS.  I'll drop a message in the forums once these features are checked in and I've tested to see if any of them work from the exporter.