COLLADA, The Shining Star

I'm working with a modeler trying to figure out how to create a sun in Maya that can be exported and include the brightness when it's exported.  Is this something that is supported in COLLADA or something that is going to have to be manually done in jME?

Local version supports COLLADA FX (GLSL Profile), that includes all render state values. Including emissive for material state, which might give you want you want. It also will give the foundation for direct shader support in COLLADA.

Local version meaning the version on your machine?  :-o

When can I have access to this?

He just likes to tell you about it, you aren't allowed to actually touch it.    ;)  j/k  geez!

renanse said:

He just likes to tell you about it, you aren't allowed to actually touch it.    ;)  j/k  geez!

You say that as if you're kidding....this wouldn't be the first time he's (or you for that matter...*cough* sound system *cough*) has done this to me!  :cry:


Give a man a fish… teach a man to fish.

…hold a fish in front of him and say, "Look, I have a fish!" and then walk away…

I don't exactly understand what you wanted to say  :?.

Does NCSoft have a better version of jME than the repository have ?

Do you REALLY plan to release the features that you develop on this "local" version to the repository ?


ncsoft uses jme. mojo an renanse probably implemented quite a few nice features but they were not all contributed back to jme, but remained in their project at ncsoft. it's quite understandable that ncsoft doesn't want everything contributed back to the engine, after all they pay the developers and have to make sure the neatest features remain in their hands. that's why it's not entirely up to mojo or renanse if features are contributed back to jme. the community should be just glad that some of the devs got to really work with/on jme (not only in their spare time) and that some stuff is contributed back into the engine.

:-o Ok, I'm really a naive lagomorph  :expressionless: !

I did'nt think that the main developers of jme hide the new features of jme.

I'm a little disappointed  :(.

i don't understand your disappointment. sorry.

sfera said:

i don't understand your disappointment. sorry.

Nor do I.  Be thankful for the fact that any of their work makes it back into the engine.  We're talking about code that should be commercial quality, that was paid for by a company that has no obligation to give it back.  Be thankful for the fact that you have two people who are obviosuly very dedicated to the engine available and willing to answer your questions on this forum.  Given the circumstances I think the situation is quite beneficial for the jME community as a whole.

Sure it would be nice to be tapped in to every new feature they create, but as has been said, the fact that anything is given back to the community is still a good thing.  These guys aren't keeping it a "secret" just because, their employer is trying to protect a commercial advantage, and they have every right to do so.

I'm really confused here. What's a lagomorph?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to add my two cents…  We actually don't have new "jME features" we are keeping back.  What we keep back are systems written external to jME that sit on top of jME.  Some of those systems we try to move into jME for logistical reasons and also to build and keep the engine moving forward.  Improvements and additions to jME's source itself though we have always contributed back in the spirit that everyone (including us) benefits from everyone sharing as much as possible.  (That, and it would be a major pain to try to keep a forked jME up to date with community bug fixes and changes and only contribute things back piece-meal.  Consider if we had kept the batch system or state records back, but tried to contribute bounding system fixes, etc.  Headache!)

What you might notice though is that we often say things like "that fix will be in on the next cvs commit".  This is because we don't commit every fix or change to CVS every day.  It's more like once or twice a month.  This is for a few reasons  A. we want to try to check in only quality code.  B. keeping Eclipse, Perforce and CVS all happy at once is a pain.  and C. we're busy making a cool game.  :slight_smile:

I hope that helps clear up any misconceptions.

A bunny rabbit.

i first thought he means "rabid rabbit"  :wink:

Just for absolute clarification here Mojo, were you saying that "local" refers to CVS or not yet in CVS?

Not yet in CVS.

Any anticipated time-frame when this will end up in CVS?  :smiley:

I hope that helps clear up any misconceptions.

I thought that you had 2 version of jME : a CVS free version and a NCSoft  commercial version. As you said, maintaining 2 versions of the same engine is very diffucult and I was affraid that could affect the quality of the free version.

I'm glad to hear you don't do that !