Collection of animated low polygon models as j3o files

Might it be a good idea to create a page to collect animated low polygon models as j3o files to allow a much easier start for jMonkey beginners? I tried many animated models from pages like and there was none of the 15 tested which could be imported without problems (e.g. textures not added, crashes or broken animations) so it would be realy helpful to create a collection of example monsters, animals and humans as j3o files to be integrated in a project without the problems of converting it. The more experienced users could take some free models, convert them and share them with the beginners on such a page :slight_smile:

I think the problematic models will be the animated ones, using static models I think its already as simple even for beginners as possible.


That would be awesome, even more so if you made it an Asset Pack :slight_smile: Thats kind of what they’re meant for :wink:

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