Collision Terrain (heightMap) with a 3D Model or a Box

I have made a PhysicsNode with a HeightfieldCollisionShape for the mountains of my terrain.

Now I want to make a Collision Detection for a 3D Model / Spatial without Physics, or maybe for a transparent Box with a PhysicsNode / MeshCollisionShape surrounds the model.

The model / box move around on the terrain but could move into the mountains.

Why the collison detection don´t work in this case?

With a PhysicsVehicleNode it works fine… but my model isn´t a vehicle…

Any idea´s?

Uhm, well physics doesnt work without… physics… :smiley:

If you want to move the PhysicsNode and have it not affected by gravity or other stuff bouncing into it you can set it to kinematic mode via setKinematic(true).

If you dont want to use physics, you can do other types of checks like ray checks or something to see if your node is on the ground etc.