Com.jme3.anim Skinning Help

First, hello! I’m kind of new here. Been lurkin’ for awhile xP

So I’ve decided to switch over to JME3. I’ve started working on a game using LWJGL, but I realized I was stuck in game engine feature creep again.

I’m now writing my AssetLoader for the IQM format. I’ve got it mostly working so far. But I’m having issues with the skinning.


This is what the mesh looks like without the armature :

It looks like mesh is being mirrored over multiple axes when deformed my joints.

Anyone have any ideas? Im using the new package (com.jme3.anim) in version 3.3.0-alpha2

well, i cant help, but i can tell you that JME 3.* have different animation system and i think its because MonkAnim 2 is not compatible with JME 3.*.

seems like need update you with JME news :slight_smile:

Anyway most of MonkAnim features you could do with JME 3.* new animation system + Minie project. MonkAnim seems to be dropped(since i dont seen author(Nehon) posts a long time).

so like i say, currently Minie is supported one and anyway JME 3.* should itself have already some of MonkAnim features too. (mixing anims/etc)

As far as I can tell MonkAnim 2 is going to be part of JME 3.3. Right?

as i know MonkAnim 2 was created by Nehon for older JME versions, but Nehon decided to create something even better(so MonkAnim is deprecated overall - also because Nehon is not responding, he disappeared), so he made new animation system (no name?) for JME 3.* that is already there(you can use it). So you dont really need MonkAnim v2 there, but you will be lack of some features like softBody (that is in Minie that works with JME 3.* and is supported)

Hmm, is Minie a physics lib or a JME3 mesh skinning/animation lib?

Minie is physics lib, you dont need use it.

  • if you need use just animations/skinning use JME 3.* without MonkAnim 2. (because JME 3.* already have new animation system)

  • if you need use features like softbody, better ragdolls, etc) use JME 3.* + Minie project.

thats all.

also JME 3.* have shape keys feature, that is something new for JME 3. (was in JME 2, but not in JME 3 for long time)

Ooooh I see. Yes im using new package (com.jme3.anim) in JME 3.3.0-alpha2. I thought that was MonkAnim 2.

its not the same, but similar, its like MonkAnim 3 (but not extended with features from 2)

it allow mixing animations, skinning and shape keys, not sure if something more.

its just a better idea for animations.

Ye, okay. We’re on the same page now haha. Well the Armature is deforming the meshes in a crazy way. Almost like theyre reversed. But I’m not sure where an error on my part could cause this issue

if you use just JME 3.* animation and it deforms, i think you just need apply local transforms before exporting model.

like in blender select model → ctrl-a → all transforms

then export. Also im not sure what exporter do you use. but GLTF one is perfect for this.

New animation allow mixing multiple animations and shape keys in same time.
recently i show example like video below:

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Awesome, is that using the new package?

I’ve noticed GLTF a lot lately. Maybe I’ll give that a look.

yes, this character is using new JME 3.* packages for skeleton animations and shape keys. (face animation)

Also exported with GLTF. (there were some problems with earlier versions but should be fine now)

just some tips:

  • you need apply transforms first
  • if you have IK bones in blender, you need sample animations down first before export
  • if you want use manually shape keys you need have one shape key animation in blender to make them seen in JME.
  • shape keys can have random indexes each export, but there were recently added Name selector (not sure if its already on 3.*)
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Thanks a lot! I’m going to try glTF out.