[committed] bugfix: Node.findPick(Ray toTest,PickResults results

In findPick the requiredOnBits-flag is not passed through to the children.

Currently I have a different node-patches in the pipe so I don't know how to create a patch only for a specific method.

Nevertheless this is how the methods should look like:

    public void findPick(Ray toTest, PickResults results, int requiredOnBits) {
        if(children == null) {
        if (getWorldBound() != null && isCollidable(requiredOnBits)) {
            if (getWorldBound().intersects(toTest)) {
                // further checking needed.
                for (int i = 0; i < getQuantity(); i++) {
                    ( children.get(i)).findPick(toTest, results,requiredOnBits);


When I commit, I'll also collapse the 3 if's into one, eliminating the obfuscation of 3 conditionals when there is effectively only one.

rev 4791