[committed] new feature StippleState

see also this thread: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=10686.0

Added support for glPolygonStipple().

The patch adds a new StippleState, TestStippleState and implemenation for lwjg and jogl.

The patch is attached, as it is too big to post directly.

I find this feature somewhat unneccessary if you ask me… The reason it exists in OpenGL is because long ago, before alpha blending existed people needed to have transparency and this allowed it.

I saw the other thread for possible needs, for interlaced video/scanline, you can use a shader or alpha blending to get this kind of functionality.

i kinda agree that a texture is probably often the better solution, but i guess it doesn't hurt to have the option to use it.

  1. Its simple enough
  2. It was requested
  3. Its already done

    I say put it in, after its reviewed.


Many thanks!

In reply to Momoko_Fan I have to say that apart from the fact that there are many ways (fortunately), polygon stippling is definitely one of the more convenient/fast/compatible solutions in the cases I outlined in my original post, so a big welcome to polygon stippling in jme sounds in the air :wink: