Common Assets

I was wondering where I can find a list or a tutorial on default textures and models.

Example(because its the only one I know): “Common/MatDefs/Misc/Unshaded.j3md”

and Geometry “Box” and thats becuase its in the tutorials.

NOTE: Not to use them in production, but as sample placeholders

There are two default shaders (Unshaded and Lighting). The tutorials cover both of them at one point or another.

There are no default models or textures.

The shapes (meshes) can be found in the javadoc easily enough. Are you familiar with javadoc?

Are you familiar with javadoc?

Yes, I am. I was just thinking that the JME3 had its own for use. Was just curious.

Also we have a set of test assets that can be found in the test-data folder of the project.

All the assets in this folder are free to use to do what ever you want…
You may find nicer placeholders than cubes :stuck_out_tongue: