Community Update: Donations

Hello fellow community members, this is the promised followup of Update in the wake of recent events - #6 by asser_fahrenholz.

As planned, we opted for creating a collective at, since this is the most future proof and community oriented alternative out there.

OpenCollective is a trusted platform that provides funds managment and fiscal hosting for many opensource organizations like us. This comes also with full transparency for the community as it is possible to see where donations go and to whom.
OpenCollective should cover pretty much all the options, since it has one-time, monthly, yearly and custom tiers and accepts bank transfer, credit card and paypal. However I am also planning to re-enable donations through Github Sponsor that will be also connected to OpenCollective, this will require some extra integration so it will be done at a later time.

A new Backer Badge will be automatically asigned through a bot to every backer within an hour from the donation.
Note: To receive the badge you must use the same email address in both your OpenCollective account and hub account, since they are matched with the given email address.

The plan for now is to create a fund for the future of the project, when we will deem that this goal is reached, we might decide to redirect some of the donations to specific engine related projects, obviosly we will do this in full transparency by consulting the community and the backers.

Last but not least I want to thank @adi.barda for the valuable contribution of 500$ worth of aws credits that will cover 1 year of hosting with the current configuration on aws ec2.

That’s all for now. A new thread will follow this one when I will have more updates to communicate.

TL;DR: We are accepting donations at jMonkeyEngine - Open Collective


Just want to mention:

One time payment allow [Paypal / transfer] also.

So if someone does not want provide credit card to OpenCollective for monthly payments,
can just make one-time donations using Paypal/transfer from time to time.

Thats at least how i do.

btw. Badge will not replace “Contributor” so no worry about Badge too.(you choose what to use in settings)

Please make this a 10 year estimated total. If that wonderful $500 donation is average current cost, make it 5k goal.

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Would like to suggest that is used on the jmonkeyengine repo first and if possible, add other repos as secondary.

@erlend_sh thanks :wink: sorry for ninja post hehe

i hope you will come back to JME one day and lead people again, you are a great person.


Hey all :wave:

I’ve been sitting on $1350 USD in royalties payments from the book we published way back in the day. The money belongs to jME and this seemed like an opportune time to finally get that transfer over and done with, so I sent the money over just now:

My sincere thanks and admiration goes out to everyone who’s making sure the wheels are still turning after all this time :heartbeat:

That is very kind of you to say :blush: Unfortunately I do not have the bandwidth to take any active role in jME ever again. I would however be happy to connect with whoever is leading the project right now and keep an async line of communication open. I’ll find ya’ll on Discord!


@erlend_sh that is a amazing contribution, thank you! We all really appreciate everything you have done for jme.


Wow @erlend_sh. Thanks. That is a huge contribution.
And nice to here from you.


Thank you, @erlend_sh.

Our OpenCollective now has 15 contributors, and it has accepted over USD 1700 in donations!