Compatibility questions

I’ve seen how the jMonkey examples works on more devices depending if is jME3 or not (Open GL version I guess). For example, my HTC Desire can runs the “normal” examples but not supports the jME3 version. I’ve seen that the results with “normal” version are pretty good.

My questions are:

  • Exists too differences between jME and JME3?
  • Can I compile an App with both versions of engine or something similar to switch version depending of the device?

    Maybe I’m asking about something very basic of Java and libraries. I conform with a link to learn about that.

What do you mean the “normal” examples?

As far as I’m aware the only version of JME that works on android at all is JME3…

The Google Play examples:

The are both for JME3. From what I’ve gathered the demo that is not compatible is out of date. People have been trying to get hold of the person who posted it to get it updated.