compile error in com.jme3.bullet.util.DebugShapeFactory.getDebugMesh()

When I try to build JME3 using source code recently checked out of “trunk”, I get the following error:

cannot find symbol
symbol: method getObjectId()

So I delete two lines of code from com.jme3.bullet.util.DebugShapeFactory.getDebugMesh(). Here is the diff:

--- Base (BASE)
+++ Locally Modified (Based On LOCAL)
@@ -111,9 +111,7 @@
     public static Mesh getDebugMesh(CollisionShape shape) {
         Mesh mesh = new Mesh();
-        mesh = new Mesh();
         DebugMeshCallback callback = new DebugMeshCallback();
-        getVertices(shape.getObjectId(), callback);
         mesh.setBuffer(Type.Position, 3, callback.getVertices());
         return mesh;

Am I the the only person seeing this issue?

You seem to use a different build setup where the jbullet and bullet sources get mixed up somehow.

My development platform is 64-bit Windows 7. I just reinstalled JME3 from a download yesterday, but I’ve had the same issue for months. I’m using the build process described at

No idea, thats what we do, too :slight_smile:

I checked out a fresh JME source tree, and I’m still seeing this error.

Is this method is correct? It looks to me like a botched resolution of a merge conflict. Why else would it instantiate a mesh and then throw it away only to instantiate another?

Thats not your problem though, your problem is that you somehow compile only half of the native bullet code and mix it with the jbullet code. Maybe you have the wrong configuration set. How do you try to build the engine? Maybe you should try and build the stable branch at branches/3.0final

According to the IDE, my project’s configuration is <default configuration>.

Thank you for the suggestion.

I think I may have resolved my issue. When I checked out the project via Subversion, I specified the repository URL as “”. Changing this to “” causes the problem to go away. I’m unsure why this makes a difference, but apparently it does.