Confusing Vector3’s

Hello, I’m trying to slow movement of a RigidBodyControl in the directions it is NOT facing.

What I mean: Imagine there is a rocket that has stabilizer fins. These fins slow movement in all directions, except the one the rocket is facing.

I’m trying to apply an impulse to my RBC to do exactly this, but I’m a bit lost about how to calculate the vector3 to give to applyImpulse().

Can someone explain me how?

EDIT: This code seems to work relatively well, but is this the way to do it?

[java]Vector3f deltaxyz = physics.getLinearVelocity().subtract(physics.getPhysicsRotation().mult(Vector3f.UNIT_Z).mult(physics.getLinearVelocity().length()));

physics.applyImpulse(deltaxyz.mult(-spf), Vector3f.ZERO);[/java]