Constructing a .Scene File

I am currently making an application with jMonkeyEngine 3 and I have been on the lookout for ways to build an environment. I have previously utilized the creation of boxes in jMonkeyEngine 3 despite the unusual nature of their coordinates, etc. I am curious to find if there is a more user-friendly manner to construct environments sufficient for the project that I am working on. Google SketchUp came to mind as a very user-friendly program that can easily create shapes and store them all in a single file.

Are there any suggestions from users who have experienced the same problem that I am encountering now? I offer my sincerest thanks for those that aid me in solving my conundrum.

You can import sketchup scenes into Blender, then save it and import the blender scene into the SDK; or export a model using the Ogre exporter in blender and load that into the SDK. You can position items in the scene using the Scene Composer.

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Thank you so very much for your momentous reply. I have a follow-up question: Is the standard trial version of Google’s Trimble SketchUp sufficient enough to create a file that Blender has the ability to import?

I don’t know honestly, I haven’t tried it in ages. This tutorial might help you with the exporting from sketchup.