Contour detail loss on navigation mesh generation

I though the navigation mesh was working just perfect when I got the next warning, followed by two severes:

Warning: Contour detail lost: Found and removed null region segments which were intersecting a portal. Region: 31, Segments removed: 3

Severe: More than one contour generated for aregion: Region: 31, Contours:2

Severe: Contour generation failed: Detected contours does not match the number of regions.  Regions: 34, Detected contours: 35 (Actual: 35, Discarded: 0)

As said in that last one, the mesh is not generated, so I’m having a big problem. It depends on how I put the objects in the scene.

I’m generating the mesh with a geometry list:

GeometryBatchFactory.mergeGeometries(cachedBounds, optiMesh);
optiMesh = generator.optimize(optiMesh);

That list contains just a floor (a Box shape) and some objects on it (more Box shapes). An example:

The image example isn’t the one giving the error but is just the same with more objects (boxes).

Any help, as always, is very welcome!

im getting the same error. But im trying to generate a navmesh from a terrain generated by a height map

did you manage to find a solution?

No, I didn’t, I was using this for a school work and I just managed to avoid the bug xD. However, I’m working on a personal project where I’ll have to use this sooner or later, I suppose, so, if you find a solution, please, post it ;).