Contributing to Nifty Documentation

Is it possible to add to/update the documentation for NiftyGUI? I’ve noticed after using it for a while that the current documentation is…less than ideal. I’d like to contribute to the documentation as I begin to understand it more, so that other people who start to use it will have an easier time understanding it.

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As far as I know, anyone can edit the existing pages of the wiki, but only a Developer can add a new page.

To be honest Nifty documentation should be updated back to the Nifty site as it’s a separate project from jME. We have a few “getting started” things but anything after that is just duplicating and splitting stuff that ideally should all be kept together.

So this is an excellent question but really needs to be directed to the Nifty project :slight_smile:

That’s a good point, @zarch. However, there’s much work still to be done in the area of “getting started” documentation. That’s an area where someone with “beginner’s mind” is likely to have something to contribute.