Contributors' presentations!

All hail !

Let’s present ourselves to learn more about all the contributors and other OpenRTS enthusiastics !

Me first !

My name is Ben, I’m french, living in Toulouse (south of France) and I’m 34. I’m married with three little boys :slight_smile:

I’m a self-educated programmer and I code in Java and Javascript langages.

I’m working in something totally different (sales manager) and I code for pleasure, every night, everytime I can !

skype : ben.oeilnoir
e-mail/hangout : ben.oeilnoir at

Nice to meet you all


OMFG…me too.


Sans blague ?! That’s an obvious sign that you must join the OpenRTS team! :wink:

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Well I would if days were 48 hours :wink:

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I’m Emmanuel from France, I live near Montpellier (in the south, 2hour from @methusalah, the world is really small finally.) I’m 27, I’ve ended school for a year now and I’m looking for job while trying to make game.
I’m mainly a 3D artist and I’ve self-taught some programing skill to be able to use Jme, I’m using it for about 2 year now.
While not looking for job I work on my project [1], since it currently imply a lot of programing, I haven’t a lot of room to create 3D assets, well i can but i don’t like the idea to have stuff sitting on my computer and be useless… So I’m looking for project where I can share some of my skill, this by making 3D assets related to these project while keeping room to have them usable for my own project.

Nice to meet you all.

[1] MultiverseKing · GitHub


I am Mario from germany. I live in Dortmund (Ruhrgebiet) and I am (let my compute … ) 34 years now. Since some weeks, I am happy married.
I am a softwaredeveloper/-architect and I manage large software projects in a team. So it’s needed to have a overview about the hole project and the big picture in my mind. In my free time I play Starcraft2 and I love programming in a funny project like OpenRTS. This is the perfect merge between these 2 hobbies :wink:

I am not so strong in OpenGL, Drawing view or creating models and meshes. The guys who are creating these things get all my respect. So lets hope, we get some of the these guys on board. We will need it, to show the potential of OpenRTS.


Hi all,

I’m Ned J., actually living in France. I’m a Geeky Goblin Productions member, junior game designer and computer graphics student.
I especially love writing, cooking, playing…
edit : i forgot about RTS that i love the most, which are Warcraft III and Dawn of War 1

So, as you probably guessed, i come help for the art project’s part.

Nice to meet you


I’m Reed P., and I’m a college student in the USA!

I love videography and photography, and I love editing the footage I get, so I have much experience with Photoshop.
I’ve done a bit of art before for ends of videos and games, but concepts, logos and graphic arts I especially enjoy. I’m not majoring in anything having to do with this this type of art (engineering, actually), but I enjoy it in my free time. I’m happy to be able to contribute to OpenRTS; the guys on board are awesome (or at least the one’s I’ve met)!