Control documentation help

Not helpful. “Control” does not show up on that documentation page.

tutorials → jME3 beginner tutorials → Controlling Game Logic → Custom Controls

Yeah, just be patient.
Learning complex software means spending a lot of time.
Writing complex games with many features means a lot of thought and knowledge.

Just step through the beginner’s tuts, then through the advanced tuts, then use the “Test” project.
The “Test” project in the jME SDK generates many many example files with lots of techniques.

And if then (after all that learning) you find something weird, ask in the right category of the forum (after a quick search - maybe it’s a FAQ that has been answered multiple times before…)

There’s a search bar at the top, type “Control” in there and press enter:

Also, if you do all of the tutorials then they will answer your next 100 questions.

thanks all!

You’re welcome