Converting blender models to .j3o without jME

So I tried installing the jME but the installer didn’t work, so I installed it onto Netbean and it worked fine… Until I needed to convert my models to a .j3o format. Now I have no way to load the files from blender. Please help, whether it be fixing the installation of the jME or just converting the files (preferably the files but I feel I will have to install the jME to get it to work… which doesn’t work)

For those who are curious, the installer gives the flowing error message:

An error occurred while verifying bundled JVM.

Most probably the bundled JVM in not compatible with the current platform.
(yes with that bad grammar)

Well, we might need to know things like your OS, which one you downloaded, etc…

The error might indicate that you have the wrong one for your OS.

I’m running x86 windows 7 and I’ve checked to see if I met all the requirement, and I did, and I also tried the other installer for x64, and it still didn’t work.