Coordinates problems with charactercontrol

Hi All,

i am having a problem with coordinates,

i have a level that i made and imported in monkey,

this level is mainly made by a terrain and a castle,

the structure made by monkey when i import is a root node and 3 subnodes, one of this is the terrain.

What i am trying to do is let a non playing character walk from one point to another of the terrain, so i take two

points in the terrain and put the in the motionPath.

In my game i have also a charactercontrol representing the human player,

the problem is that if i try to put the physical location of this

character control in one point taken in the terrain in the scene composer it doesn’t work.

Followin the tutorial related to the collision i saw that the playing

character control is not added to the rootNode but it’s only

added to the physics space, so i don’t have any chance to know

in which kind of local coordinates it’s belonging to.

I expect that if i had a character to the root node i

can use the point taken in the scenecomposer,

am i wrong?